About us

Ufoody is a large online marketplace in which you can find only the most excellent Italian agro-food items. We select the best choice for our customers through a collaboration and trust-based relationship with the best players in the food sector. Thus, we are able to guarantee a real heritage of taste and quality for people who love good food.

Ufoody allows you to know, choose, share and purchase products of the best culinary traditions.

Ufoody is for people who taste good food, the one of quality over quantity, but above all it is for people who produce handmade food.

Ufoody is meant to be an essential guide for aware consumers: they are easily conduced to purchase items along with their detailed descriptions and origins through the voice of who works the good with knowledge, tradition and strain, before being served on our table.

Ufoody wants to open a viable way of relationship between the market and the consumer offering a suitable alternative, properly personalized for quality food. Furthermore, it adds value to the rich agro-food heritage made of Italian small and middle enterprises representing the best side of the productive history of our country.


Our mission is to ensure accessibility to all consumers of agro-food, giving them additional information and underlining its history, tradition and origin.

We want to be the first food lovers Community.

We want to be the global web partner for the Italian agro-food companies and help them to transmit their traditional handmade items all over the world.

We want you to keep closer to the gastronomic tradition and qualities of our artisans.

Passion, tradition and gastronomicculture are the key elements of UFOODY.  



A Shared history

Selling the best handmade items by opening new ways of purchase for the consumer is just a “tasty” aspect. Our producers, winemakers, farmers and artisans are not “our clients”, but they embrace our vision until they become part of Ufoody too: they give us some historic key elements thanks to an innovative partnership system aiming to the self-development of our own world in common with the providers.



It is addressed to everybody, above all to those people with unique histories. Ufoody underlines the quality of the real handmade food tradition making it accessible to everybody.



Ufoody represents an ethic and sustainable path thanks which we walk throughout together the best craftsmanship of our Country we bring to our table, respecting the environment and the human beings’ life who create and taste our products.



The pleasure of taste is deeply related to the concept of rise and history which all of us bears with himself. It represents a complex path made by individual choices and common feelings in constant becoming, from the countryside to the dishes on our table. For this reason Ufoody is always in movement, pointing out and suggesting the very best of Italian cooking and rediscovering the old flavours which aims to share with everybody, inviting people to rise.



We sit down at the table, we cultivate, we wrap items and we rise all together. We know each step of our goods, starting from their birth, going through its development and handcraft work until they become mere food on our table in a very quick, trustable, sure, cheap and sustainable way. 

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