Extra virgin olive oil pitted

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500 ml

Superior category olive oil obtained directly from olives only by mechanical means.
The Extra Virgin Olive Oil Pitted monocultivar peranzana is obtained from olives harvested at the beginning of the harvesting period (October-November) and neither does it derive a powerful oil, structured with a strong bitter and spicy, balanced and balanced.

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil Pitted monocultivar peranzana is included in the prestigious Flos Olei guide.
The variety of olives used for the Extra Virgin Olive Oil Primi Frutti is 100% peranzana, typical of the agro of Torremaggiore in the province of Foggia. The Extra Virgin Olive Oil Primi Frutti has an intense golden yellow color with green reflections. It presents a complex and enveloping scent accompanied by a fine flavor and character, with elegant fruity tones of fresh tomatoes and almond and with a decisive and spicy and balanced bitter taste.



Nature has always kept company with the Schiavone family: we were less than a meter tall, we ran carefree in a field of wheat near the olive groves, peeping, then hiding, among the ears, while our grandfather, muscular, with his face carved by wrinkles, he smiled at us with his look of eternal boy. In our lands, tradition and modernity are continually intertwined, to the point of becoming confused: respect for nature and its cycles goes hand in hand with the study and research of the most advanced techniques in the agricultural field, keeping the olive trees and their fruits as their primary objective . Our ancient trees have always been followed and checked with extreme care, pursuing the desire to preserve the delicate balance of natural rhythms to obtain a genuine finished product without any forcing or use of plant protection products. The healthy olives are harvested by hand at the right time of ripening and are cold-pressed to obtain a valuable oil. This philosophy, which is the basis of our activity, entails greater attention to the entire production cycle of our Oro d'Oliva oil, which starts from the cultivation of olive trees and arrives at the extraction of oil. It may seem trivial and felt so many times, but it is our reality: GOLDEN OLIVE is the synthesis of history, passion and quality excellence. And here we are, with invigorated passion, hoping to be able to transmit you, drop by drop, the whole essence of our GOLD.

Tips of Use

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil Primi Frutti monocultivar peranzana is ideal with all types of dishes but is exalted in bruschetta. Store in a cool, dry place away from light and sources of heat

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