Prosciutto Crudo Stagionato Nazionale

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1 Kg c.a.
Nuovo Salumificio Vitali
Emilia Romagna
Ingredients: Pork thigh, salt.

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After opening, keep in refrigerator. Raw ham is produced from thighs of heavy goat's cheese, seasoned for over twelve months on the high Parmense hill. The final product is characterized by quality and safety and is suitable for those who love the delicious flavors and pleasant aromas. When cut, the slice is compact, the slim part of reddish-pink uniform and white milk the fat part, a good quality index.


Nuovo Salumificio Vitali

The new Salumificio Vitali is located in Gaggio Montano, in the heart of the Apennines Bolognese and Modenese. The use of pigs that are only bred within a 30 km radius from our plant is the product base. The work takes place in the tradition of but always driven by the interest for the novelty. By presenting the consumer a wide choice of quality meats and meats. The company started in the 1960s, thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of Benito Vitali and with the primary help of his wife Roberta, that which was a little nursery grows and turns into an evolved structure to become what is today New Vitali Salumificio.

Tips of Use

The raw ham, delicious and delicious taste, meets the tastes of the most refined palates. Try it in a skewer "Mare e Monti" with shrimp and scallops. A simple and tasty recipe for using the fresh rosemary stem replaced by the classic skewer. Wrap the wrapping in the raw ham strips, stirring with shrimp. Sliced and seasoned the skewers. Cook in a hot pan with an oil wire for 1-2 minutes on the side. Serve the skewers with a simple green salad.

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