Cervino Salami 5 pz

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650 gr c.a.
Salumi Pasini
The Cervino Salami was born from the careful selection of pigs reared in Italy. The cuts of the meat are subjected to a grinding phase that tradition requires coarse-grained followed by mixing with selected spices and refined aromas and the bagging in a natural casing, still tied by hand.

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Ingredients: Italian pork, salt, flavorings, dextrose, sucrose and spices. Antioxidant: E300, preservatives: E250-E 252. Average nutritional values per 100 g of product: Energy value 1099 KJ - 264 Kcal; Fat 18.8 g of which saturated fatty acids 7.27 g; Carbohydrates <1 g of which 0 g sugars; Protein 23.7 g; Salt 2.90 g. To be stored at + 0 ° C / + 4 ° C GLUTEN-FREE AND LACTOSE-FREE


Salumi Pasini

The union between a company with over sixty years of experience in the food and culinary world and three young individuals, eager to reveal the recipes handed down to them from previous generations, aware of the profound taste of their products. Each meat cut is created by the hands of the people working in the company for years who still teach this craftsmanship to the younger generations.

Tips of Use

On the nose Delicate aroma typical of slightly seasoned salami To the taste Good balance of taste given by the short maturation The right moment To be consumed on every occasion, an alternative to the classic campagnolo salami The right match Lively red wine, fresh with aromas and not very demanding of alcohol: Bonarda dell'Oltrepò Pavese sparkling DOC

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