Salt with Balsamic Vinegar

150 gr
Acetaia G. Giusti dal 1605
Emilia Romagna
Ingredientes: Coarse rock salt for the table 96,6%, Balsamic Vinegar of Modena 3,4% (cooked grape must, wine vinegar). Contains sulphites. Best Before: 30/06/2017

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Natural sea salt 100% pure, produced in the historic and famous Sicilian salterns, with the addition of precious Balsamic Vinegar of Modena. The result is a salt of excellent quality, with an enveloping complexity thanks to the union with a high quality Balsamic Vinegar, aged in old barrels of the family, dating back to 800 and 900.


Acetaia G. Giusti dal 1605

The Gran Deposito Aceto Balsamico di Giuseppe Giusti is the oldest producer of Balsamic Vinegar in the world, founded in 1605. Giusti’s Balsamic Vinegar was awarded with 14 Gold Medals in various expositions and fairs in 19th Century. In 1929 was awarded by the King of Italy as official supplier of Rela House of Savoy. Today’s bottle and label are still the same created at the beginning of 20th Century. Thecompany is still today conducted by the family. Claudio Stefani Giusti is the 17th generation.

Tips of Use

Ideal for flavoring any kind of food. In particular, it is recommended for pasta, risotto, meat, fish and salads.


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