Zampone precotto

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500 gr c.a.
Nuovo Salumificio Vitali
Emilia Romagna

Ingredients: Pork, lean pork, salt, sugar, spices, aromas, preservatives E250.

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The lentil zampone is a second rich and substantial dish, of the tradition of our land. Emilia Romagna. It is usually served on Christmas or New Year's Eve, with good-looking lentils. Immerse the envelope in hot water for 30 minutes. Then, after slicing the plum into the sauce of lentils, prepared earlier, serve it hot.


Nuovo Salumificio Vitali

The new Salumificio Vitali is located in Gaggio Montano, in the heart of the Apennines Bolognese and Modenese. The use of pigs that are only bred within a 30 km radius from our plant is the product base. The work takes place in the tradition of but always driven by the interest for the novelty. By presenting the consumer a wide choice of quality meats and meats. The company started in the 1960s, thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of Benito Vitali and with the primary help of his wife Roberta, that which was a little nursery grows and turns into an evolved structure to become what is today New Vitali Salumificio.

Tips of Use

Delicatessen product consisting of a mixture of lean pigmeat, pig fat and minced grain, with the addition of tannin. The whole is stuffed in a natural wrap made up of the pork leg part and dried in a hot air stream stove. The zampon is available cooked, packed in food bags and cooked in autoclave with a suitable temperature and time to guarantee the stability of the product.

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