AGNONI- Azienda Agricola Frantoio

Agnoni’s farm, located in the south of Rome between mountains and sea, has an ancient history of rural background, represented by a family who has always been devoted to his homeland.

Over the course of decades the family gained three important experiences: the cultivation of the land, the processing of its fruits and their conservation. Agnoni family preserves this working process, handed down with dedication and renewed with knowledge, to produce genuine and aromatic products for the table. Then as now, Agnoni family works in total respect to the land and its rhythms, without forcing in any way its natural production.

The result is a high quality product, genuine and simple, easy to use for the preparation of aperitifs, antipasti and side dishes with cold cuts, cheese and red or white full-bodied wines.


Born at the end of World War I from parents of rural and trader background, they lived immediately their teenage years, pain, sacrifice and hunger but with the need and desire to create something. Although the loss of their first son during the World War II, the love for the family led them to have three more children: Augusto, Marcello and Ida Annunziata.

They used to live in the countryside of Cori, close to Hercules’s temple and they moved by their Lambretta to go to the farmland, in a place in which their summer home was a cabin with straw beds. In the 60’s the most important step in their lives: they purchased the Copellaro Farm, by signing bills for about forty years. For that reason Nena thought to save every penny in view of the expiry of the month.

On 16 November 1969, at the age of 50 years, Neno died. Nevertheless, Nena succeed in undertaking a new way by working the field of the Copellaro Farm.

On 16 October 2011 is the end of the story of a great woman, devoted to his work, with enormous sacrifices for the sake of her family.    

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