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Pear smoothie

200 ml
Emilia Romagna
Ingredients: 70% pear, water and brown sugar. Natural ingredients only, without added acids, pectin, gelatins, dyes or preservatives. Best Before: 06/07/2018

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Ordinary fruit juices are aqueous solutions in which concentrated fruit (not natural fruit) is further diluted with water, sugar, lemon juice, extracts and different preservatives, necessary to give them colour and fruit taste, even if they are just a derivative. Frullatini are made of 70% natural fruit (the left 30% are brown sugar and water). Each Frullatino can be consumed as substantial snack thanks to its density or it can be diluted in water or milk (up to 30% according to our experience). Frullatini are produced with real fruit coming from the well-known countries of Romagna, whose origin is sure and natural, e.g. Albicocca di Cesena (Apricot of Cesena), Pera IGP di Romagna (Pear IGP of Romagna) or Pesca IGP di Romagna (Peach IGP of Romagna).



Luvirie - Delicacy from Romagna -

A nostalgic memory of healthy and natural flavours from Romagna dates back to the moment in which the houses of this land were ruled by the so called "arzdore", the ladies of the house, who could easily combine the beauty of their land with the taste of the local products.
Luvirie began its activity in 2005. It followed in a natural and handcrafted way the recipes of the local tradition offering typical and special products. You can follow our advice to cook our specialities and discover our typical products.

Tips of Use

Ogni frullatino può essere consumato come merenda sostanziosa, grazie alla densità del prodotto, o allungandolo nell'acqua o nel latte (fino al 30%).


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