Mediterranean pate

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190 gr

Ingredients: cherry chilli peppers, olive oil 32%, sunflower seeds oil , TUNA FISH 7%, BREAD, capers, wine vinegar. Acidity regulator: citric acid. CONTAINS FISH AND GLUTEN.

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This patè ideal to spread on bread or to season pasta or to make good cold cereal inslate, comes from the union and the skilful combination of chillies that give a not very marked note of spiciness to the use of tuna and salty of the caper. All made more creamy by the use of breadcrumbs. A true goodness.



The Parente company is a united family: Papa Angelo was the first to understand that we would have to dedicate our body and soul to the appreciation of the fruits that our land gives us every day. The love for his land, Puglia, has led him to create a company that enhances the typical products of the Apulian culinary tradition. A love transmitted to the children, Francesco and Michele, who, once taken the reins of the family business, continued on the same path with dedication and passion, always inspired by the fundamental values of our company philosophy: love, passion, care, experience, quality, authenticity. The company is located in the Alto Tavoliere delle Puglie and precisely in San Severo, a city of ancient mercantile and agricultural traditions. Thanks to the flat land and the temperate climate, there are many crops that make the city important from the culinary point of view; historically known for its beauty and for what it offers from an agricultural point of view. Frederick II of Swabia said: "If the Lord had known this plain of Puglia, the light of my eyes ... he would have stopped to live here". A land to be discovered, appreciated and enjoyed. We do just that: we bring the excellence of our territory to the table.

Tips of Use

Store in a cool place away from sunlight. After opening, keep the products for 7 day in the refrigerator.

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