Cicatelli 'Tre Dita' di GRANO ARSO

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500 gr
Casa Prencipe
Ingredients: hard wheat semolina, water. Allergens: gluten.

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Cook time: 10 minutes. Italian hard wheat semolina paste selected for slow drying and craftsmanship.


Casa Prencipe

The history of the CASA PRENCIPE pastific is the story of a family that becomes a company. A family who has decided to make a product in a unique and beautiful land: Apulia. From this land they want to tell about flavors and fragrances and with their pasta tell a passion that takes them every day on the wheat fields to get to know the true authors of the masterpiece: the farmers who care for the raw materials. The products are made with craftsmanship and where the manual component is fundamental and the imperfection becomes a precious one; Carefully selected raw materials, certified and traceable. Finally, the production and drying phases are meticulously maintained to maintain uncompromised quality.

Tips of Use

Some call them crap some other cicadas. Typical form of Southern Italy and particularly widespread in Puglia, Molise and Basilicata. The principle is that of the cavatone, only in this case the fingers that are used are three. For this reason the pasta format takes the name of three fingers. The three fingers of wheat burned as well as represent the utmost expression of the Apulian gastronomic culture are priceless from the grain bark used decades ago in Puglia in the area of Daunia in the province of Foggia at the full of Tavoliere delle Puglie. In ancient times, to easily pick up grain grains left on the ground after harvesting, the stubble was burnt down and what remained was burnt grain grains. Today, to reproduce the same effect, the grains of wheat are toasted, a bit like coffee beans.

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