Guerande Salt with Pimento e Santoreggia

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80 gr
L'Orto degli Aromi

Mixture of Guerande Salt Salt and Pimento
Ideal for salty white and red meats or boiled vegetables
Does not contain preservatives
Glass grinder with flavor-free cap.

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The gray salt of Guérande comes from the commune where it is produced, in the northwestern part of France and precisely in the Pays de la Loire region. The salt of Guérande has its gray color for the clay in which the crystallization process takes place and gives it a high content of trace elements, including magnesium; At the same time, it has a reduced sodium content and is less salty than other salts, revealing floral aromas. Rosemary is cultivated in Abruzzo (Chieti) and harvested in compliance with balsamic times.


L'Orto degli Aromi

Roberto Chiavaroli still remembers, as a child in the hot afternoons of summer, she watches Grandma in the kitchen while she prepares her dried herbs as he lurked eerie, in silence, pervaded by those wonderful perfumes, imagining the dishes that Grandma would prepare with its precious herbs. The desire to recreate those aromas to regain and share the magical atmosphere of scents and flavors lost over time was the spring that pushed him to embark on this new adventure that he called "THE ORTH OF THE AROMI". Today, the Garden of Flavors, strong in its ancient traditions, selects for you herbs that are cultivated and carefully worked in Abruzzo on the Theatine hills. The ideal environment for obtaining high quality products that are distinguished by Aroma and Flavor.

Tips of Use

Salt of Guerande, Pimento (Pepe of Jamaica) and Santoreggia (Abruzzo-Chieti). This flavored salt is ideal to cook white and red meats at the end of cooking or boiled vegetables, cooked in a pan or baked in the oven. Great in combination with a drop of olive oil.

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