Forestaforte: 500 years of history

The historical link between Merlcarne family with the territory of Salento and its secular olive groves goes back to ancient times. The first official documents, as evidence of the origins of this ancient family of olive growers, are enclosed in the notarial acts of 1583, 1584 and 1587, written in Latin by the notary Antonio Romano.

In the past century the established family interest for olive growing resulted with in the birth of a traditional discontinuous milling system, commonly called “olive press”, after replaced by a new generation of continuous milling system. With due respect for traditions, the unceasing research of innovation and the achievement of high quality standards led the agronomist Giovanni Melcarne to develop the “Forestaforte” trademark, which spread the flavours and aromas of Salento across Italy and all over the world. The company “Forestaforte” is successfully run by its founder, who combined the paternal and maternal traditions of oil and mill producers.

The production structure always aims at the excellence by using high-tech oil system, in accordance with the hygiene and sanitary standards in each single stage of the production chain. Thus, “Forestaforte” ensures very high quality to all its products, producing an extra-virgin olive oil of higher category.

High qualitative Standards

Since October 2013 the olive harvest during the night “Forestaforte” has been committed to the unique Italian method of harvesting olives by night for the production of extra-virgin olive oil D.O.P. Terra d’Otranto. This kind of harvest takes place at lower temperatures than those at daytime. It increases the aromatic taste and the overall the quality of the oil. Thanks to this method the high quality of our extra-virgin olive oil, past winner of national and international awards, has reached even higher quality standards.   

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