Peach of Leonforte canned yellow

290 gr
Ingredients: yellow peach, water, sugar, lemon juice. Best Before:

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Azienda Agricola Agrirape Located in the territory of Leonforte (Sicily), the farm "Rape" was rented in 1955 by Angelo Manna, who bought it in 1965. Later the company was run by Giuseppe Manna, a fond producer who spends his whole day in his 20 hectare "Rape". The company name comes from the name of an ancient feud belonged to the barons Giaconia of Mistretta, with an extended area of about 400 hectares. The large "manor farm" (whose Italian name is “massoneria”) is very characteristic: it has been built with a special kind of stone, typical of the area of Mistretta. Giuseppe Manna was one of the pioneers of peach-cultivation in Leonforte: he was a founding member of the cooperative company "Biofrutta." In 1978 he received a recognition award by the S.I.A.P.A., for his loyalty to the development of farming in the territory of Enna. In 1988 an experimental field of different peach cultivars was installed thanks to which the company acquired experience in the field of peach-cultivation (although it was not the first experience in this field). Since 2001 Giuseppe Manna has been supported by his son Angelo, who is the current owner. Agrirape keeps on discovering and promoting the most typical and important goods of its land. Our activity has always been driven by a devote passion for Sicily and our land, a strong passion for agriculture, biodiversity and quality.

Tips of Use

Filetto di maialino alle pesche di Leonforte e mandorle.


  • 1 filetto di maiale da 300g;
  • 1 manciata di mandorle pelate intere;
  • 2 cucchiai di aceto di mele;
  • 40g di burro;
  • 1 spruzzata di brandy;
  • 2 pesche di Leonforte;
  • farina q.b.;
  • fiori di timo fresco;
  • olio,sale e pepe q.b.


Tostare le mandorle pelate in forno per 10’ a 180°. Infarinare il filetto di maiale e rosolarlo in una casseruola di ghisa con olio, sfumarlo con il brandy, unire gli spicchietti di pesca e continuare la cottura per 5’ girando gli spicchietti ogni tanto per “lucidarli”. Contemporaneamente rosolare i dadini di un’altra pesca in padella con del burro, sfumare con l’aceto di mele e cuocerle per 10’; frullarle a cottura ultimata per ottenere una salsa omogenea. Prelevare il filetto dalla casseruola e se necessario, per restituirgli croccantezza infornarlo per 3’ sotto al grill a 200°. Servirlo con gli spicchietti di pesca sormontandoli sopra e con la salsa alle pesche come base. Guarnire qui e lì con fiori di timo e mandorle tostate.


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